11.1 works great... in failsafe mode.


Working on a fresh install from DVD of 11.1 with KDE 3.5 (system is dual boot with XP). It had a few issues that I was confident I could handle. They seem to have gotten worse. Hopefully my story below explains the situation.

After installing the Nvidia driver for my GeForce FX 5200 via one-click install at NVIDIA - openSUSE I tried to configure it with sax2 -r. Instead of the test screen where one can move the screen around with the little blue arrows I got an error message something along these lines:

Testing configuration failed.

Please see /var/log/Xorg.99.log for more details.

SaX library: Success
X configuration: no information

I can’t remember what was in the log file, although if someone wants to see it I’ll be glad to post it. I tried a couple times and then decided to reboot, however upon rebooting the GUI won’t load. The boot details says “Runlevel 5 has been reached” but what I see on the screen looks eerily like runlevel 3 to me.

The GUI loads fine in failsafe mode, hence the title of this post.

Now, the reason I was fiddling with the Nvidia driver was because my display is distorted in normal mode, with the whole screen shifted to the right about 1/4". Interestingly, the display looks just fine in failsafe. I like failsafe.

Also, trying to reboot from openSuse doesn’t work. It goes all the way down to where it claims it is going to reboot, but nothing happens. I have to push the restart button on the tower for restart to occur. Shutdown works fine. Both shutdown and reboot work fine from XP. Reboot problem started when my old motherboard went and I replaced it. Had 11.0 at that point, figured the problem would be taken care of with a fresh install, no such luck.

At the risk of recommending you “close the barn door, after the horse is gone” , I was curious if your Monitor has an “auto” button on the front, that one can press, and typically that will automatically recenter the display. I have a kvm switch, and I often get a slight de-centering when switch between PCs. A quick press of that button, and everything is centered again.

Alternatively, one can try do the re-centering via YaST > Hardware > Graphics Card and Monitor.

The display isn’t really too much of an issue, just background information (as an aside, going to YaST > Hardware > Graphics Card and Monitor doesn’t work as the changes are not saved).

My main problem right now is that the GUI doensn’t load on boot even though the system claims that runlevel 5 has been reached.

Well, I did the obvious- unistalled the Nvidia driver. GUI loads fine now.

I’m going to take my long-term struggles with an off-center display back to the Hardware forum.

But, as long as we’re here, any thoughts on the computer failing to reboot thing?

I noticed that when I installed the nvidia driver through the one-click install/yast it did not change the driver in the xorg.conf file. I had to edit the file and change the driver line to read “nvidia” and re-run sax2 from a console and everything worked.

Section “Device”
BoardName “Framebuffer Graphics”
Driver “nvidia” <----this line needed to be changed.
Identifier “Device[0]”
VendorName “VESA”

so install driver, edit xorg.conf, reboot to load the driver, boot to init 3, run sax2 (let it do its thing), init 5. Reboot to make sure the video comes back.

The reboot problem sounds like an acpi issue.

Mine worked fine without that, I did run the nvidia-xconfig command as root though, which most likely does the same thing.

good point… I always forget about the nvidia-xconfig :slight_smile: