11.1 system repair

Hi there,

I have a system with an ntfs partition and suse 11.0 as well as 11.1 installed. I unfortunately resized the NTFS partition withou thinking what’s gonna happen to the boot sector - well anyways, it’s gone so I wanted to boot the 11.1 cd to make an automatic repair to get a working GRUB config back. But how do I access the repair system from the 11.1 CD? I can’t find it - there’s no opyion in the boot menu…


Okay, I think I found the correct menu.lst in /dev/sda7/boot/grub/menu.lst but how am I getting it back into the boot loader?


You can run GRUB from the command line.

You decide where you want to install the GRUB boot code :

1/ MBR - GRUB entirely responsible for booting machine

2/ In ext2/3 boot partition, with Generic MBR and using ‘active’ label on disk partitions to choose boot loader.

Option 2, proofs your system from Windows deciding to over-write and ‘repair’ the MBR. So is more robust in some ways.

Option 1, tends to be preferred in the forum, for it’s simplicity.

I won’t detail the exact commands, follow the multi-boot guide information, but basically you install GRUB in a spot, so that it can load code to read the /boot filesystem at boot time, and then it can open the /boot/grub/menu.list file, and load kernel and initrd into memory to start the system.

I was able to restore my old GRUB with the “Super Grub Disk” boot CD> I found an article on the opensuse website (FAQ?) relating to this CD - never heard of it before tho but it worked fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for your hints anyways! :slight_smile: