11.1 REALLY frustrated

All I find is bugs, bugs and more bugs… To the point were I am about to downgrade back to 10.3… Some bugs:

  1. Fails to shutdown requiring a flick of the power-off switch
  2. Sometimes loses all contacts in Kontact (contents of folder /home/chris/.kde4/share/apps/kabc disappear)
  3. It also loses other conf stuff
  4. Boot up/down sound in kde4 does not play with speaker volume setting. So the sound plays at full blast even if I’ve set a low volume
  5. Grub menu changes randomly from the Christmas version with tux rolling down, to the new 11.1 one
  6. Deleted kmail configuration
    … and there is more
    Items 1, 2 and 3 are extremely annoying, especially 2!!! I’m about to downgrade to 10.3… Please anybody help? Am I going crazy? It is a plain standard install from the DVD; the only difference I chose XFS for my /home partition.

If you got a NFS share mounted… ye happens to me to, think if you manually umount it… it does shutdown properly.
Had something to do with the network connection shutting down before it attempts to unmount it.

If you’re using KDE4 I think it has something to do with the kmixer option “Restores volume on login”. Not sure if it restores it to full on login… or attempts to set it to whatever you had it set to when you logged out.
You might wanna try fiddling with it a bit.
(Click the system tray icon, mixer button, settings, configure kmix)

It’s a feature! Not a bug… really… :wink:
Search the forums for “christmas” and you’ll find a way to disable it if it annoys you.