11.1 RC1: No Installation with Seagate FreeAgent Disc

I got different hangers during installation tries of 11.1 RC1 with different md5-checked DVD media.
In the most cases hanger at “Die Installationsumgebung wird installiert …
(something like “installing of installation environment …”)

For some hours the only thing working of the DVD was Memtest 86.
Firmware test: I/O-error File not found: biostest.

It was definitely necessary for installation to pull the USB plug of the Seagate Free Agent Disc - but the resulting system is copying with this disc.

After install I had only time for a base checking the resulting system, mainly usage of Gimp:
ufraw/Gimp-connection: same problem as in 11.1 beta (when starting by clicking a raw-file, the connection of ufraw to Gimp is broken - failed to execute child-process ‘gimp-remote’), but moving the raw-file to a region in Gimp is working.
The failure of 11.0 - additional starts of Gimp during ufraw at every ‘wrong mouse move’ eating up memory resources - has vanished, so Gimp seems to be usable for more than sporadic use, and there is a feeling of a somewhat better handling of Gimp.
But there is the same unnecessary nasty procedure of manually renaming to save the result as in former versions, and there is of course no real necessity of changing the old saying of a Gimp-crazy user interface.