11.1 RC1 in VBOX - few minor issues


I have tested RC1 64-bits in VBOX 2.0.4 and I see there are a few issues around the Guest Additions. It does install fine, it does work for the clipboard pasting, but it does not work for the mouse (still need to click) and shared folders.

When I shutdown, I see errors about vboxfs.

Anyone got Guest Additions working? They work flawlessly on other popular distros (Fedora 10 released Nov-25 and Kubuntu 8.10 released Nov-08 I think).


I can’t speak for Fedora 10 nor for Kubuntu 8.10, but Guess Additions on on my openSUSE-11.1 RC1 (32-bit) with Virtual Box ARE WORKING on my new Dell Studio 15 laptop. I have tested USB (hot plug automount of usb stick) and mouse movement, and full screen mode higher resolution, all of which are guest addition features. I don’t recall seeing the errors you refer to.

Could be related to 64-bits architecture, then.

I am currently testing in 32-bits (as I write this), but unfortunately it boots to a black screen so I have to reinstall. loll Must have done something wrong or corrupted something in VBOX.