11.1 Random Hard Hangs / Freezes

Hi, Running on a Lenovo T60P, 3G RAM.
Have been running Suse 10.2 with relatively no problems (any hangs directly due to suspend/resume over a many repeated times).

I upgraded to 11.1 and since then, I’ve seen a lot of random hanging. When I mean random, I mean random, no time, no actions, all random.

I thought it might be overheating (laptop has always run hot). But one of the hangs happened in low speed and medium temperature.

I’ve put netconsole / netcat on, but when the next hang happened, nothing came on.
SYSRQ nothing.
No CAPS flashing. Complete freeze.
Nothing in any log.
No ssh access.

When does it freeze ? I can be working away, and suddenly everything is locked. Left the machine alone for hours and then was slowly moving the mouse (doing nothing) and it locked up. another time been 36 hours, another about maybe 15minutes after a reboot. Its not locked up while I am NOT on the machine, e.g. if I leave it overnight running, it is still running in the morning. It has always hung when “doing something” … so far.
The mouse will freeze, screen stays locked, nothing responds.

I’ve also run memtest, pass.
I don’t use compiz, I do have ATI drivers (but I am pretty sure it also hung with the non ATI drivers - which is why I tried ATI).
I’ve always disabled beagle/kerry and co.

I’ve put back the 10.2 disk, to run, to see if it hangs at all. I think I would prefer not.

Any help in helping to identify the issue would be great.


Are you running any software that uses inotify? It could be this problem:


See also the thread I started:

11.1 systems locking up? - openSUSE Forums

The new kernel has been stable for me. I will declare it fixed in my thread in a day or so.

I am hoping it’s kernel related. Unfortunately I have no idea if I am using inotify. I am running vmware, but I don’t know if it is using inotify,

The symptoms seem similar except that I need to be on the machine and do something (like move the mouse). Leaving the machine running on its own, and it doesn’t hang/freeze.

Meanwhile so far on 10.2 - its been all stable. (and the fonts look so much better (customised))