11.1 OSS repo doesn't work

For a few days now I haven’t been able to use the package manager as it won’t get past the refreshing. When it tries to refresh the official 11.1 OSS repo, it just time-outs.
Then it says that ‘no valid metadata could be found’ for the repo.

The strange thing is that the repo is perfectly accessible via FireFox, and that every other repo just works.

When I remove the OSS repo from the sources, everything works fine. (Although it’s pretty useless for installing new software…)

I guess it’s a local problem as I haven’t heard anyone about it.
Could anybody help me? =)

I suspect so, as I did some updates to day on 3 different PCs, and I had no problem.

If it is only the OSS that is giving you a problem, as an interim you could reinsert the installation DVD, and add that back again as a repos (if you removed it), as the DVD is in essence the OSS.

Ok, but how could it be possible that just one repo does not work while others still do?

I’ve moved a few days ago and had to define a nameserver in resolv.conf to get my internet working.

Edit: the problem seemed to have resolved itself. It works now =)