11.1 on Laptop - Freezes when writing to HDD (VIA KT 266)

Hi everybody, my first post but have used OpenSuse for quite a while now - and LOVIN’ IT!

I have a problem when installing it on my laptop, however. I had the same problem with OpenSuse 11, Ubuntu 8+ (7.10 worked). The LiveCD works well, whenever I try to install it on the harddisk or try to access the harddisk (i.e. copy) the Live system / Installation freezes.

I read a thread in the Ubuntu Forum (starting at [ubuntu] Fresh install problems - freezing on format / copying files](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5395789#post5395789)) where a user had a similar problem, which makes me think that it is a VIA chipset driver problem. The Laptop I am using is a
Gericom Blockbuster (old, I know!)
Athlon XP 2400, 512 MB Ram, 160 GB HDD, VIA KT266/A/333 Chipset, VT 8366/A/17 PCI and VT 8235.

Is there any way of bypassing this problem, or is there any way of using the old VIA_IDE instead of the pata_via module??

Yes there is, but not with the Live CD.

Use either DVD Install or Net Install and boot the CD with “brokenmodules=pata_via”.

If this works for you, then submit a report in Bugzilla against the kernel, so the libata/pata team can investigate. I think it took a long time before those Via’s were sorted (mostly) in the old drivers, so it is plausible that there’s an issue in more recent kernels.

There’s a recent thread in this forum about Additional info for the sticky - Vista Multiboot where going off track, I post links and explanations to this issue, based on 11.1-RC1 and the Promise pata_pdc202xx_old driver ]

YEAH! Thanks for the help, that did it! So I’ll have to file a Bugreport.

For everybody with the same issue: use the option “brokenmodules=pata_via”, I did not have to turn off ACPI.

It installed the PAE kernel, however, but I think that should not make any difference ?