11.1 on a Motion LE1600 Tablet


Installation on a Motion LE1600 tablet went just fine, but I can’t get the pen to work. YaST only lists two Motions (both M-series) in the tablet PC section, neither of which work after restarting X. (Sorry I can’t be more specific; I’m not in front of the tablet right now.)

Anyone get this thing to work? Any other information I can look for to help diagnose this?


have you looked here?

TabletPCs - openSUSE

and this is an earlier account of a voyage of discovery

Installing OpenSuSE 10.1 on a ThinkPad X41 Tablet - ThinkWiki

and whilst for a more specialist application? this is very definitely worth a read

Wacom USB tablet howto - openSUSE

after doing all this reading, let us know how you get along; we are keen to hear