11.1 News (update)


You may wonder why you haven’t heared from me - but I’m stil
alive. The status of 11.1 is pretty short: it’s cursed.

The GM was supposed to be done on thursday last week, but
late on tuesday we found that the rpm headers in the 11.1 project
were all wrong and so we rebuilt all packages, which took
till friday due the build service playing hard to get.

Then I released a GMC and we fixed 5 urgent problems to have
a GM on monday - so I thought. Casual J. noticed in #457095 that
the download DVD miss the “check installation medium” boot
entry - which was really important to get back, so tuesday.

This morning I noticed that the images for the installation
contain files they really should not contain and so we had redo
the DVDs one more time. But we decided to ship the retail DVD
even with this bug to the fab. And this afternoon we noticed that a
non-standard 11.0 update (well, one that is standard 11.0 + acroread
installed) on x86_64 will leave the system unusable. This bug
(bnc#457564 if you like reading horror storries) made us
redo 110(!) packages + resend the DVDs to the fab. So we’re
here still without GM - but fortunately still 9 days to go
for public download. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Greetings, Stephan

From: [opensuse-factory] status openSUSE 11.1](http://lists.opensuse.org/archive/opensuse-factory/2008-12/msg00319.html)

That " rpm headers" issue may be why we haven’t seen a full kernel (matching kernel-source & kernel-syms) update for 11.1 yet;)

… keeps us involved …

Am Dienstag 09 Dezember 2008 schrieb Stephan Kulow:
> Hi,
> You may wonder why you haven’t heared from me - but I’m stil
> alive. The status of 11.1 is pretty short: it’s cursed.
I just announced that 11.1 is gold internally. The fab should
start production this night. Many thanks and good night from me :slight_smile:

Greetings, Stephan

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[Actually, no, I take that back…it’s predictable.]

This is very SIMILAR to what happened when 11.0 got released…i.e.
it wasn’t ready either, but got shipped anyway. (And, users and
forum support folks had to work extra hard to try to salvage.)

The most major mistake I think that is being made is that openSUSE
ships to a SCHEDULE, rather than when engineering/support feel
it is ready. [My favorite Linux distro ships when its ready, since
it doesn’t even try to predict when it might be ready.]

Hey, but that’s just my opinion.