11.1 nautilus won't load files

I recently installed some new updates, and when i finally got around to rebooting my system, i couldn’t get nautilus to load my home folder. so i logged into root, and it couldn’t load its home folder, or the old one. And then, on top of that, it finally decided to stop loading files at all. So now, whenever i start nautilus, i get an empty folder, that continually tries to load the files in the folder. And any software that requires that i load or save something to disk gets stuck, and i have to force quit it. Outside of nautilus, all of the folder/files load perfectly, in the terminals, in software that autoloads or saves files, or has its own file viewing system. How can i diagnose the issue, or in the case that it is related to the updates, can i see what they were and reverse them. I believe that it is related to the fact that i have the opensuse 11.0 repos on my machine still, and it may have installed a update from one of those repos

i really need to get this fixed. and i would really prefer not to have to reinstall, because i have alot of my software on there. If i just do the upgrade option in the installer should that repair any problems?