11.1 KNetworkManager - missing DSL connection / pppoe

Hello there,

I just did upgrade openSUSE on my brother’s Dell 6400 laptop to 11.1 and though in Yast the dsl-pppoe connection is set-up it does not appear in KNetworkManager: either kde 3.5 or kde 4.1

Actually in 3.5 I see no option to add a dsl/dial-up connection (only eth0 and wireless are available) while in 4.1 version the DSL tab is grayed out.

The connection does work great if switching to if-up and I use rcnetwork.

I even added in yast/network connections a clone of this dsl-pppoe connection but it still does not appear in KNetworkManager.

eth0 is set-up to DHCP, wireless is disabled.

Any idea what happened?


I did not upgrade kde 3 and kde 4 from the online repos - I just used the versions available on the DVD.

I was trying to setup my pptp in gnome (still not successfull) i got this tutorial
Bryan’s technical world: How to set up VPN Client on opensuse

Bryan technical world: How to set up VPN Client on opensuse

i hope it helps you.

Thanks for your reply dmera.

I will have a look to Kinternet too next time I get the laptop though KNetworkmanager should work too.

Regarding your problem - I would suggest to use switch to the traditional method “if-up” instead of Kinternet if you only have one type of connection, i.e. you are using a desktop computer and not a laptop.

I use that on my desktop for a long time now (since 10.x) and works with no problems at all.

If you need any help with it this method just let me know.

Cheers and good luck.