11.1-KDE4 on Medion Akoya Netbook E1210-MD97160

I h[size=][size=][/size][/size]ave installed openSUSE 11.1-KDE4 from 8GB USB Stick which contained the DVDiso according to URL SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

The install went fine except installing GRUB in the MBR, check that Harddisk is the 1st device under yast/system/bootloader/bootloader installation tab/bootloader installation details button.

Up to now I have discovered the following:
1 My wireless internet card Ralink RT2860 was not recognized. I have installed via Yast the ralink-firmware and that solved the problem.
2 Just before and 2 times after the login screen my display shows shortly colored lines in stead of the splash screen. For the rest screen display is oke. Any Idea?
3 If I try to configure KMail-Kontact the bottum of the accounts screen cannot be displayed. No right scroll available, so how can I save my settings .I think my display settings are oke. Any idea?
4 Using the build in touchpad the mouse pointers opens:
4a Without double click applications, sometimes 2-3 times
4b By simply hovering over a list, eg KMenu, it selects menu entries or activate a switch.
____Any idea what’s wrong? or how to configure.
5 If I have opened the panel it closes automatically after a short period, very frustrating. How can I turn that off or configure it differently.

Regards, Frans