11.1/kde4: most new windows with horizontal maximisation

This is a showstopper.
I’m exploring opensuse 11.1 /kde 4.1 at the moment.
Oftenly, new application windows are opened with horizontal
maximisation, that is to say that the newly opened window goes from left
to right of the screen, taking all its width.
I’ve been looking in the kde4 config tools. Then i looked in the kde4
config files, like .kde4/share/apps/config/kstuffrc, but to no avail.
I’ve also been looking for a solution in the forums but to no avail,
That’s very disappointing because the rest of kde4 is quite good,
except some details. But this bug is really tough.
I managed to configure konsole to stop opening with horizontal
maximisation by using the right click on title bar > advanced > etc…
but i’m not going to do it for all the applications.
There must be a workaround somewhere to solve this failure.
Thanks for your help.


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