11.1/KDE4 LiveCD: mouse/keyboard misidentified

Following USB input devices attached when booting the 11.1/KDE4 x86 livecd:

Bus 005 Device 004: ID 099a:610c Zippy Technology Corp. EL-610 Super Mini Electron luminescent Keyboard
Bus 005 Device 003: ID 046d:c03e Logitech, Inc. Premium Optical Wheel Mouse

In this case, the mouse simply doesn’t work, even hotplugging
won’t get it working. The problem seems to be that the keyboard
has 2 key-interfaces: 1 for the main keyboard area, and 1 for
the additional “power, sleep, wake” buttons (kernel creates 2
eventX devnodes for this keyboard). The second evdev with the
power buttons is used as a mouse interface as can be seen from
the generated xorg.conf:

Section "InputDevice"
  Driver       "kbd"
  Identifier   "Keyboard[0]"
  Option       "Protocol" "Standard"
  Option       "XkbLayout" "us"
  Option       "XkbModel" "microsoftpro"
  Option       "XkbRules" "xfree86"

Section "InputDevice"
  Driver       "mouse"
  Identifier   "Mouse[1]"
  Option       "Device" "/dev/input/input1"
  Option       "Name" "Zippy EL-610 Super Mini Electron luminescent Keyboard"
  Option       "Protocol" "explorerps/2"
  Option       "Vendor" "Sysp"

Booting the LiveCD without the keyboard attached gets me a
working mouse. When I hotplug the keyboard later, it works,
and oddly enough, a fingerprint-reader app is also started
which (rightly so) complains that there is no fingerprint reader

I can provide all sorts of logs if necesssary.