11.1/KDE4: control panel messed up


I have the problem that the systems part of the KDE control panel is messed up: all icons are on top of each other and quite some cpu resoure is used.
I managed to remove the systems part completely what frees the cpu resoure, but this of course is unsatisfying.
then I deleted .kde/.kde4 to create a fresh environment. but to my surprise I had a new environment with the systems part of the control panel showing the same efect???
I have the latest kde updates installed.

Anyone has an idea how to reach a normal control panel and/or were to look for the source of the error?


First, the folder you deleted does not exist, so problem persists. The folder your tried to delete should have been ~/.kde4 .And, there’s a less rigorous solution, mentioned in hundreds of posts.
Logout, at login-screen hit Ctrl-Alt-F1, login as the normal user and type:
rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*

Now the plasma-config files have been removed. Hit Ctrl-D to get back to login prompt, hit Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return to login-screen, login and you will see a clean, fresh desktop.

…ok, I was too imprecise:
I had deleted ~/.kde and ~/.kde4.
The result was a fresh clean desktop. EXCEPT the fact that in the fresh new panel the icons in the systems part were on top of each other. plasma uses 50% of cpu time.
is there sth., wrong in the systems part?

the problem was that I had qt 4.5.0 installed with kde 4.1.3
downgrade to qt 4.4.3 made it.
thanks anyway