11.1 install = no SATA recognition, Nvidia mobo

Greetings everyone, on 11.1 installation, (I did verify everything twice on the installation DVD) I swapped out SATA drives, but the installer repeatedly gives me the error that no hard disk is found. Been using this exact system on 11.0 since it came out.

Tried the 11.0 installation disk = OK.
Booted Knoppix = recognizes and mounts disk fine.

Specs: core 2 Duo, 4 gigs RAM, Nvidia 680i motherboard.

Should I use some sort of “brokenmodules=” something on DVD install boot?

THX for reading…

At the initial boot screen try running this in the boot options section “pci=nomsi”, hope this helps.

I had exact same issue on multiple machines, changing drives did not help. I set BIOS back to factory default and tried again, that worked.

Give it a try, might work for you too.