11.1, HP DV6500 T, ALC268, sound off an on

Hi, I just put 11.1 onto a spare partition I have (10.3 is running on another one still), and sound works, but the behavior is peculiar.

This laptop has a mute button on it that shines orange when sound is turned, blue when on. In the past, when installing 10.3, when the sound card wasn’t configured properly, it showed up as orange.

Now, sound works, but the button shines orange until something happens (e.g. a Skype activity notification) that requires sound. It turns on (with a slight pop), makes the necessary sound, then shortly after lapses back into off.

This suggest to me that the sound card is constantly being turned on and off, which seems to me a quick way to kill it (the pop doesn’t sound very healthy).

Does anyone know what is going on here, and how I could remedy this?