11.1: HOW to restore my Wi_FI Icon Is Gone!

my wi-fi icon for wireless is gonehttp://forums.opensuse.org/images/smiliesnew/angry.png, in KDE3.5, KDE4.2 and GNOME logins menus!
How could restore this ICON to be able to login on WI-FI?

This worked well, but I just cannot find in the existing KDE menu, any entry for this “wi-fi” access widget or icon.

start kde3 or 4
open a terminal and type:


If nothing happens do this:

Look in Yast Software Management and search for
Is it installed? If not add it.

Thanks for the quick answer,
but also the previous post “Latest NetworkManager Broken”
seem to indicate that the problem was the update!

This is unfortunate, because my x64 notebook only connection… is wireless.
Hopefully I can reinstall the older file from the opensuse 11.1 DVD: I will post about this…

Easily done. Disable all online repos leaving just the dvd on.
Go to software management and look for networkmanager
Now select to roll back
work in any other needed changes and accept

O.K, I just did that!
and the wireless (Network Manager) still does not work on KDE 3.5/GNOME.

It was a good surprise to see it worked just “fine and dandy” on KDE 4.2 !

Not easy to understand;)… but that works, so I am a happy camper.

Thanks to all.