11.1 GUI and Start Menu

A two part question really,: 1. Swear I read some where how to revert to a previous start menu (as the new one is just “too big”)-> How do I do this? 2. Is there any way to use a previous GUI, like that from 3.4.3? With this new one I feel like I’m in kindergarden wearing mittens and playing with plasticine and safety scissors. Not to mention the utility of it is so much more convoluted I can only describe it as office counter-productivity. Please tell me it is so.

I would be doing a fresh clean install.
Also tried 3.5 GUI but just not what I’m looking for.

Right-clicking on the start icon allows you to choose the KDE menu or openSUSE menu.

In addition, you can right-click on the panel’s properties to change the height and width.

Ahh, that’s good!
Shall try it shortly, ty Romanator.

Was about to ask another question, I’ll throw it in here:

KDE 3.5 closer to 4.x or 3.4.3 Level “b”?

Reason I ask is I first tried openSuse 11.1 with KDE 4, then not liking it tried Gnome,
well that was a bit too primitive looking for me (though I liked the utility of it).
So then installed again, all partitions the same, with KDE 3.5.

WhatI got looked like a mix of Gnome and the new KDE.

Is this right or did somehow the two get mixed together? (there was even a Gnome shortcut in the start menu, believe it was link to “about” or “Gnome help”

Thanks again!

KDE 3.5 and KDE 3.4.3 “Level b” are the same thing. However, KDE 4 is a complete rewrite of the KDE window manager.

If you would like to see a mix of KDE 3.5 with KDE 4, install the following package:


This will add additional styles such as qtcurve, kleanlooks etc.

Also, after installing KDE4, you can download the Factory update for KDE 4.2. This is the one that I am using.

Good Luck!