11.1 GM DVD torrent

SEEEED Opensuse 11 1 I586 Dvd torrent download lol!

It’s probably just RC1… and your probably better off using an
official torrent :wink:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Okay, show me where i can get one today? lol!

Index of /distribution/11.1-RC1/iso



It’s probably just RC1… and your probably better off using an
official torrent :wink:


Okay, show me where i can get one today?

GM is internal only

Okay, you win. I can wait couple of days :wink:

What’s this “GM” anyway? Got Milk? Oh, sorry, I take that back, it’s obviously Gluteus Maximus.:wink:
GM - What does GM stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by the Free Online Dictionary.

GM Gold Master (final/master copy of a software product release)


First they are called alphas which then lead to betas which lead to release candidates (RC), which finally lead to a gold master (GM).


RC (Release Candidate) indicates that few or no bugs remain, and if nothing is wrong, it will be renamed to GM (Gold Master) as a future final release.

It may be the real deal but someone would have to download it to check it. There is a KDE Live CD GM Edition but i don’t think they would bother making a GM DVD. That torrent is just waiting till the release date? But the tracker is piratebay.org so I don’t think it’s the original anyway :smiley:

some of the mirrors have got it up, but have got it locked.

it’s a pity that they just don’t release it, since it is up on the mirrors. On my speed it is going to take me a good 24 hours to grab the cd.

It’s released on the 19th in my time zone, going to be the 20th by the time i have it, starting to eat into xmas break. :’(

If You’ve got RC1 i propose downloading delta iso. I will be downloading only delta iso. Also live cd isn’t so bad. 64 bit of course

GM stands for God Machine! :wink:

When it is openSUSE 11.1 then that statement is true :slight_smile:
I gave KDE 4 a try and must say I am not complaining BUT using Compiz makes KDE 4 work like a snail, many applications ported from KDE 3 are not ready or don’t have all the features. Generally it’s good, just don’t use Compiz with it.

It could be the Gold Master Candidate (GMC)

What’s there any use for it if it is GM Candidate? We’ll know on the 18th of December. Moderator please close this thread rotfl!

No, it’s really the GM.

GM was already published on one opensuse mirror server which was misconfigured for a very short period (and then, it has been locked again). So, yes, GM has been leaked early… but I think everybody will need to wait the 18 of Dec, as nobody seed this torrent lol!

GM ok, but it doesn’t mean it’s the final version, GM was published on 5th December and it would be no use for them to look for people to test this edition for bugs if it was final.

As I said, it was leaked from an official 11.1 mirror (I know it because I personnaly was able to begin DVD d/l for my own… sadly, my connection was closed unexpectedly after the mirror was closed again ;)).

It’s the final GM. And yes, there were several GM… (your right, the first GMC was released the 5th, but there were several more internal release after this one). The final ISO were produced Thusday 11st evening, then sent to mirror/factory for DVD pressing.

No matter, it is of no use to me:D
There is only 64 bit DVD image, if i download such amount of data then i need to be sure it’s the right one:D