11.1 GM (4thDec) - public availability?

Hi all,

Just wondering if i will be able to get hold of the i585 DVD iso of the GM on Dec 4th, or if it is a purely internal release?


Typically that will be an internal release date, with no copies provided outside of Novell/SuSE-GmbH. Any such copies are very closely guarded.

Now one has the RC1 version if one wishes to play with 11.1 before it is officially released external.

I presume everyone has seen the road map for 11.1.
Roadmap/11.1 - openSUSE

Note it states:

Thu, Dec 4 openSUSE 11.1 GM release (internal)

* Only showstopper and security bugfixes get integrated.
* Milestone: Final drop of all manuals for novell.com/documentation 

Thu, Dec 18 openSUSE 11.1 public release

* Release on the ftp server
* all documentation available on novell.com/documentation Web site  

So that means no ftp server access until 18-Dec.

Having stated that, if one keeps their RC1 up to date, one ends up with an openSUSE version that is very similar to the GM release version.

I typically do a clean install with the GM version when it comes out. I do so to ensure:
a. I have a clean setup, and
b. help look for any bugs that are specific to the GM install.

sorry, i was reading this one:
Roadmap - openSUSE
which doesn’t stipulate the GM as internal. :slight_smile:

shame, i have only intermittant access to a USB DVD drive, and no Mad Linux Skillz, so i am reluctant to try out a pre-release of 11.1 until i am fairly certain that everything on my new Lenovo S10 will work properly.

I remember with (I think it was) 10.3 that one of the mirrors wasn’t locked and I was able to download it a week before the formal release date.

But as oldcpu rightly states - an installed copy of rc1 kept up-todate is unlikely to be too different from the final gm. Again like oldcpu suggests - regardless it is usually better to do a clean install with the gm.

Try Index of /factory/iso
It is small and allows for an iternet install. My cd/dvd drive is acting up and after destroying a fortune inhalf burned cds I went this rout

interesting, is this something i can install ‘live’ from windows?

From a running windows system? No! Basically it loads a kernel and links to the opensuse
oss distro so you don’t have to download and burn the whole DVD instead of burning 4+ gigs for the DVD or 670+ for the live cd you only have to burn 90 megs for the .NET disk


but i don’t have a bandwidth problem, i can suck the full dvd iso down in around 45 minutes, what i lack is an optical drive onto which i can burn a conventional install image.

No!! Of course no!!

Testversions up to RC-versions are for the somewhat restricted community of people wanting to act as testers. Of course, they have to been published for download.
Their date of frosted state, say “beta-GM’s”, are of no interest outside.

GM’s are e.g. for preparation of ftp-servers - their dating is essential for server personnel world wide. This download is taking some time. There are different restrictions, e.g. not all connections are of he same quality.

It could set a perfect chaos to make GM’s available at the date of (internal) delivery - mass downloads and/or mass download requests in the time of setting up the ftp servers.
That could make it impossible to set up the ftp servers properly.

They would be “mit dem Klammerbeutel gepudert”, if they would open public download with the date of GM release.

The same here I have no problem with download but my optical drive sucks I find I can burn the short net, aka mini, iso a lot easier than trying to burn the live cd or the full DVD

You can put the iso in another partition and load the installation system with grub. This is the method I use to install, so I don’t need to burn a DVD on every release :wink:

Could you give details. Please

yeah, how do you do the grub thing ???

That & all the rest is here:
Installation without CD - openSUSE

title Install SUSE
root (hd0,0)   <-- your's will be different
kernel /boot/inst-linux  <--use the real filename
initrd /boot/inst-initrd  <--use the real filename

which assumes you have done all the rest;)

1st time – I’d print that out & write down all the devices, paths, filenames, etc
(as it says, “please remember in what drive and on what partition it is placed. Write it down.”)

Have fun:)

thanks ! i will try it when final release become public.

greetings !!