11.1 "forgets" sound-configuration

This is driving me crazy since I can’t figure out why I get this behavior.

I recently (read: two days ago) got myself a new computer and just installed my old boot-disk into the new system, and booted. Most things works exactly as it should, after some reconfiguration (network-card and video-card the only culprits apart from sound).

Sound is more problematic though…when I boot and login to KDE (4.3.1), the sound is so low it’s barely audible even the volume turned to the max - both on the speaker systems and in kmix. I first thought (even if somewhat far-fatched) it may be something odd in KDE that caused it, but I get the same behavor in IceWM.

The sound-card works though. I can get good sound if I do the following:

  1. Start yast->sound
  2. Remove the soundcard. It is automatically re-added but unconfigured.
  3. I configure it. The test sound work fine, and with the volume I want.
  4. I save the new configuration.

From this point on, audio works. The only problem is that I have to go through that procedure every time I login. It’s as if the yast-settings are either not saved even though it says it’s saved OR that it’s not read in properly when logging in.

The card in question is a Intel 82801G (ICH7 family) hi-def audio controller, using the snd-hda-intel driver on 64-bit openSuse 11.1, using kernel

Any idea of what the problem may be and how to solve it?

Nevermind. I found the solution.

I logged into IceWm, did the reconfigure sound-card routine.
After that, I removed .kde4/share/config/phonondevicesrc
as well as .kde4/share/config/kmix*

I had done all except removing the kmix-rc files before, so apparently I needed to start from a clean slate as well or things got screwed up.