11.1 ext4 after installing upgrades?

Hi all,

I just tried out OpenSUSE after using Ubuntu and I have to say I love it except for one thing preventing me from using it - my three data storage disks are formatted in EXT4 (which an unpatched dvd install says it can’t mount).

My internet’s been throttled so I can’t download and install any of the updates until tomorrow (over 1GB worth) but I needed something to access my ext4 data so I took it off and put Ubuntu back for now.

If I was to install all of the upgrades and updates for OpenSUSE 11.1 would I be able to easily mount my ext4 partitions or won’t support for these disks be added until the next major release?

I don’t want a messy work-around, just proper native support for my disks.


You will want to wait for 11.2
OpenSUSE 11.2 - openSUSE

11.2 sounds good, if I were to use the latest milestone would I be able to upgrade to final 11.2 in November or would it be a clean install situation.

Thanks for your reply caf :smiley:

Yes, you would, without any effort. At the moment 11.2 will be released, Factory will be ‘at the same point’.
After a Milestone install you simply add the Factory repos, by the time 11.2 is released you replace them by 11.2 repos.

It should be made clear that 11.2 is a development version, so don’t be surprised if not everything works as expected. At times it could be virtually unusable. (I stress Could: Experienced testers will likely know how to resolve such issues quickly - However that might not be the case for everyone)

So, does this mean 11.1 can’t mount ext4 partitions? I just tried to do that with this command:

mount -t ext4 /dev/sda4 /mnt/partition

and I got this result:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'

no it can’t when using the default kernel. You can however install a new kernel from the build service and you’ll have Ext4 support :wink:

The ext4 support is bound to the kernel version, unfortunatelly openSUSE 11.1 has the 2.6.27 where 2.6.28 got the proper ext4 support. openSUSE 11.1 supports ext4dev :slight_smile: