11.1 - default support for flash based computers?

I note that the next suse uses the kernel, and i am about to purchase a 16GB flash HP Mini 1000 netbook, on which i intend to install 11.1.

A recent 11.1 blog article made mention of UBIFS, a flash based file system, and i am wondering if the opensuse installer will be clever enough to know that my netbook has a flash-drive and configure the installer accordingly?

I don’t want a default install of opensuse 11.1 to kill my shiny new HP Mini 1000 because the flash cells have been knackered to inappropriate writes.

Many thanks

Get the LiveCD; start the installer & see. You can always abort if the disk detection is not going the way you want – try custom partitioning if auto detect doesn’t show it. You can abort any where along the way except after you click “Install” – then it’s too late.

i have no idea what i should expect to see.

i know that Mandriva has an eeepc installation mode, i am hoping that opensuse has an intelligent equivalent.

nobody knows anything about this…

not even a mailing list question along the lines of - “will suse autodetect my SSD drive and apply the appropriate settings?”

From what I can glean, ubifs is in the 2.6.27 kernel, so it will be included in the suse 11.1 release.

At installation, you normally have the option of formatting your partitions with desired filesystem. I imagine that ubifs will be an available option.

You should however, read the big red note for ubifs:
Memory Technology Device (MTD) Subsystem for Linux.
I am having trouble understanding what commercially available raw flash devices exist, since they state that “block devices (like hard drives, MMC/SD cards, USB flash drives, SSDs, etc.)” have the flash translation layer, and thus are not appropriate for ubifs.