11.1 - BOINC fails, error 2

I’m having difficulties getting BOINC to run properly. I get an error 2 message, and won’t initialize. “localhost” seems to be OK. I can’t even set project or anything. Root running gives no joy.

Clues, anyone?

Thanks -

Just saw this old thread while searching for boinc. When boinc installs, the menu items and icons seem to want to run boincmgr. Boinc starts but doesn’t appear to run, as you describe. The solution is to make sure you start it with run_manager instead. Also, if you leave it running like I do, when you reboot it always reverts to running boincmgr. You have to close it and start run_manager. If you can’t get that going, look at the later BOINC thread for some clues.