11.1 beta 4 Release Info

11.1 beta 4 Release Info to bring you up to date.

Hi all,

A quick update on the 11.1 beta 4 release. After work on the remaining
show-stopper bugs we found this week, we have solved the blocker bugs,
but were unable to generate all the necessary media and have it
propagated to the mirrors in time for a Friday release per our release
policy. [1]

We are confident that we will be able to release on Monday, however,
so please check back Monday for the release announcement.

[1] Please see Andreas Jaeger’s post on the release policy here:
openSUSE Lizards » Why do we Release openSUSE on Thursdays - or why do we Slip?



From: [opensuse-announce] Update on openSUSE 11.1 beta 4 release](http://lists.opensuse.org/archive/opensuse-announce/2008-10/msg00022.html)



Additionally to what Joe wrote on opensuse-announce:

  • the ISOs were all done and uploaded to stage server
    and some mirrors pulled them. They will not be seen
    on download.o.o before monday.
  • we didn’t finish the deltas in time (if you know
    how long it takes to apply them, multiply with 4
    and then consider many more ISOs)
  • we need to add all files manually to the torrent
    seeder atm, which would have been ~3am or later
  • ppc did not finish building, we added additional
    build power on friday, but that was too late
    (the ISOs are scheduled right now, so perhaps we
    can add them on monday)
  • if you download from a mirror, feel free to report
    bugs against beta4 - the release is final.

The only known bugs I have are

  • GNOME branding is broken with DVD installs, looks
    correct on live cds (lacked the confidence to remaster
    the DVDs)
  • GNOME updater will ask for registration, this is
    broken. Just ignore the question
  • KDE updater will not ask for smolt integration (which
    the GNOME updater should ask for too).

Feel free to try smoltGUI on your own, this is what
both updaters will start. This is our “registration”
in the future and you will be able to view your profile
and the resulting statistics on smolts.org

Greetings, Stephan

From: [opensuse-factory] Status Beta4](http://lists.opensuse.org/archive/opensuse-factory/2008-11/msg00010.html)

Check your mirrors –

some mirrors pulled them
to get it now.
Or, check 1st thing Monday

Release Candidate 1 is due Thu, Nov 13: openSUSE 11.1 RC1; that gives us about 9 days, realistically, to get the bug reports in. That’s important as the Devs will soon start locking the apps down & go to working on documentation & such.

So, get it; install it & report all your bugs @ https://bugzilla.novell.com/query.cgi
Register/Login & click the “New” tab.

Note: there’s no need to report the known bugs that Stephan listed above.

Have fun…

The x86-64 DVD MD5SUMS are not posted yet. Here is mine: a28d948e12ee74292814299a24519406

I haven’t burn’t it yet so I don’t know if it’s good or not – later.

I’ve just burned the kde live cd, and am going to try it

Index of /pub/opensuse/distribution/11.1-Beta4/iso

I burned and installed from DVD, went fine.


Please post your MD5SUMS;)

Found a couple of nit-noids & got the bug reports in:

During install, in custom partitioning mount point window, neither selecting a mount point or typing them in “displayed” in the window, but. they worked.

I had no “Trash” icon on the Desktop after install; had to create it.

Plus, RealPlayer is not on the non-oss repo; there’s a thread in the Factory mailing list as to why.

Looks like a winner;)

Now to start stuffing S/W – VirtualBox, nVidia driver, et al.

Did any of You encounter a bug in Beta 4 that almost finishing install when You choose what is the size of Your monitor what resolution You want that it’s not accepting any resolutions after highlighting any of them??
When i tried to change resolution for my desktop (not the monitor, desktop) it didn’t accept any and even clicking cancel didn’t help…

No, it gave me a warning that it was going to command line to set that up; returned to the install when done & all went well thereafter.

You could do a text install; log in as root
then do “sax2 -r”
“sax2 -m 0=vesa” (which loads a very basic driver)
do the config & test
when you are up get & install the OEM driver for your card.

here is the list of packages that were on the 11.0 DVD and that
aren’t on the 11.1-B4 DVD (or the nonoss addon). Perhaps you find some more
interesting, or even bugs. But note that we dropped quite some for space
reasons or just due to renames.

See the list @ Re: [opensuse-factory] dropping packages (was: Re: RealPlayer dropped fr

what happen to the dvd iso torrent?

IMHO it should be in place by end-day today.

I noted gnuchess was dropped (but not on that list). Hence when one tries to install xboard one gets a dependency error. Not a big thing as the build service provides gnuchess and crafty (or am I making a mistake, and its there and I missed it ? ). … and maybe it was missing from 11.0 and I did not notice that. :frowning:

I was disappointed to see smart package manager dropped. I think having a “backup” package manager is ALWAYS a good idea. Smart is a good package manager. Clearly others think differently. :slight_smile: … I see this as SuSE-GmbH politics, pushing their own package manager (I know, as a mod I should not type that … contrary to party line) … zypper is good, but like I noted, … having a backup is always good. Fortunately smart is easy to install from the build service.

I note they removed uvcvideo-kmp-kernel. Puzzles me a bit. Is there another webcam drivers available (available for webcams that need uvc)? I have not investigated this. Uvc is available via build service.

I noted they have removed xine-lib, but they have also added their own Novell/SuSE-GmbH packaged/crippled libxine1. I am hoping this will make the “update” to the packman packaged libxine1 easier.