11.1 and static mount?

Hey all,

I have try to make 11.1 static mount to my cdrom with thisbut i can’t get it work so ill have to ask here if any have done this.


I am in the same boat. I attempted the instructions in the wiki as well, but its a no go. Anyone have a solution to this?


Hi & welcome to you two!

I don’t understand what you mean by a static mount to the cdrom?
Your cdrom should automount itself.

What are you exactly trying to achieve? Also which version of openSUSE are you using and which DE (KDE/GNOME/…)?


I think this is the permissions bug
Go to Yast > security and users > user and group management > select your user > click edit then on the details tab add disk and cdrom.


What I am wanting is to have any and all CDs or DVDs that are in the drive always mount at something like /media/cdrom instead of /media/DISK_LABEL.

Using the disk label as a mounting point plays havoc with many multi-disk installations expecting disk2 to be at the same mount point as disk1.

The wiki has instructions for creating an fdi file for HAL to instruct it to mount /dev/hdc or /dev/sr0 or whatever your device name is at such a mount point, but those instructions no longer work in 11.1.

OK, so it seems this is not an uncommon request, see here.

Is it really the case that we cannot ‘tie’ some devices to static/fixed/constant mount points?