11.1 Amarok Woes

11.1 32-bit, KDE 3.5, Intel DG965WH mobo with ICH8 audio

Upon install, system sound worked and still works

First attempts to use Amarok revealed that Mattias Ettrich’s welcome to
Amarok played only with the Xine engine rather than the default GStreamer.

Per prior advice from oldcpu, added Packman repository and installed
smplayer, mplayerplug-in, libxine1, xine-ui, amarok, amarok-xine, vlc,
libffmpeg0, w32codec-all. Found that mp3 radio streams would give a “no
demux plugin” error but ogg streams played fine. While it has nothing
to do with Amarok, I find that I get video on YouTube but no sound,
which I presume is mp3.

Read that the following parses should be made and that wherever the
modules were not from .pm (Packman), they should be updated to the
Packman source. Did that. Following a reboot, Amarok was missing from
the panel, and when clicked on in the menu, flashed briefly on the
screen without loading. Subsequent attempts to load from the menu do

Looked through various log files hoping to find error messages relating
to Amarok but found none.