[11.0]PPC - Installer halted when activating ieee1394

Hello, whenever i run the installer i reach a standstill when it tries to activate my firewire ports

i believe i know the problem, a while back my built-in firewire ports fried during a power outage… and now i use i use hardware requiring a firewire port with a card carrying 2 firewire ports inside my computer…

however, i have not found any solution to this… help would be greatly appreciated

…also, this is my first time installing a linux distro

Are you just running the default installer or have to tried other options

help here
Installation Help - openSUSE

eg: Installation - ACPI Disabled - This will disable the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). If your computer encounters any problems during installation, try this setting.

I think under the video tab at the bottom of the boot splash, there is an option for text
try that

i have tried it with ACPI disabled, no luck

i am not sure what this “video” option is, also

i am not sure what this “video” option is, also
At the boot screen there are tabs across the bottom F1 F2… and so on
I think F3 is the video tab
When you access it there are screen display options like 1024x768
but also ‘text’

In fact on that help page I gave you at this section
Installation Help - openSUSE

it says: “If the graphical boot menu doesn’t show or freezes, try press and hold Shift on the keyboard when booting the installation media. This starts the text-mode boot menu instead.”

I have not tried it but assume it does the same as I describe above.

Text mode is a little less simple to work, but if you can use a keyboard, you should be fine.

You might want to check here for info on PPC

It won’t even let me go into text mode… after typing “install” and holding down “shift” i just get a read error…

perhaps i am doing it wrong, or maybe i just need to replace my firewire ports somehow…

thank you for your help

post some specs on your pc

what cd or dvd are you using for install?

1.2 GHz PowerPC G4 processor

40 GB internal hard disk

2 Mb L3 cache


100mhz bus speed

2 Built in USB ports, 2 Built in Firewire ports (fried), 2 more usb and firewire ports with the card inside my computer, and one more firewire port via external hard drive (firewire, 250 GB)

is that enough info?

I think this info is relevant: PPC Partitioning - openSUSE

HCL/Laptops/Apple - openSUSE

Are you using a DVD or CD
Might be worth trying other
Or even try a different distro to see how it behaves