11.0 on Toshiba M60 and Mac iBook

Mounted 11.0 on my Toshiba M60 and all went well. Even pickup up my wireless card that 10 could not. Only issue was the touchpad that was wonky. My kid did the troubleshooting for me and replaced the touchpad to generic and it straightened it out.

Mounted 11.0 on the iBook. Jr. was not able to get it to mount but it went smoothly for me. I did elect to use GNOME on the install so it may be the reason. It recognized the wireless card but would not connect. Gave it to Jr. to figure it out and as of last night he could get it to connect but it will drop the connection. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to correct? I’d hate to have him smile as he remounts Kubunto. We are having a bit of discord as we each prefer different distros.