11.0 going downhill?

I have been running 11.0 x86_64 for about 3 months. The last few days when trying to update
I’m seeing problems with components that want to change from x86_64 to i586.
The first one to show up a few days ago was DirectFB. It failed because splasy-0.3.8-53.1 (x86_64) requires libdirect-1.1.so.0()(64 bit)
If I look in

linux-nocz:/usr/lib64 # ls libdirect-1.1.so.0

It is there. Whether this relates to the other 16 failures I now have I don’t know.
Can I remove Splashy to get around the problem. I know it has to do with splash screens that I could care less about.

Going downhill?

I’m still using the same install of suse 11 I did at the time it was released and everything works fine

The time to fix problems when things start going wrong is really when they start, not wait until 16 problems later and start with the last one to crop up

It’s entirely possible that you installed or changed something that started to cause things to go wrong, with things snowballing since because the issues weren’t resolved at the time

Maybe you ought to think about what the scenario was when you first started having problems and work from there

My version of directfb is 1.1.1-48.1-x86_64, I supose you could try running Yast’s software manager, searching directfb and checking that you are actually using the 64 bit version and not the 32-bit

The directfb problem was the first problem that occurred. The others just showed up today.
My version of directfb is 1.1.1-48 x86_64. It wanted to upgrade from the games repository.
I got rid of the games repro and now it does not want to upgrade.
The other problems are all related to kde41. That seems to be related also to the repros,
it wants to change archs back to i586 from x86_64. For example kde4-kmahjongg is at 4.1.3-29.5 (x86_64),
and it wants to install 4.1.87-39.1 (i586). When 4.1.87-37-3 (x86_64) is available.
The versions are on different repros. I need to figure out the difference.

I played with the repos but it made no difference. Decided to get back to it today.
Today the updates all were correct they pulled in x86_64 instead of i586.
Don’t know what changed and don’t really care as long as it worked.

You probably disabled the repo that was tring to pull in the errant packages without realising

But as ya said, it’s working and that’s what counts

It’s not always a good idea to have a whole host of repos configured and enabled, I tend to have third-party repos configures but keep them disabled until such a time as I want to grab any packages from them

The only third-party one I keep enabled is packman’s

The other issue that gets on my nerves with too many repos is the time it takes the software manager to load every time you open it, more repos, more time

I suppose it’s a question of finding a balance with it that suits not just you, but your system as well