11.0 DVD not downloadable

The torrents are impossibly slow when they are available (stay at 3%).

IE7 has been permanently disabled from use by the download web site. I get HTTP header error.

Firefox on windows (even version 3.0) is unable to download more than 2.0GiB. it truncates the file! :eek:

no FTP sites have been listed! :frowning:

I can’t get 11.0. PLEASE put it on some FTP servers.

Hi jmichea3,

Sorry to hear it’s being a pain for you…

The torrents have downloaded successfully here overnight… check to make sure your NAT port (if behind a firewall) is reachable.

Firefox should handle +2GB files without issues… what’s the file system type you are trying to download it to (NTFS, FAT… etc)?

If this all still fails wait until tomorrow and try again using http download… it’s being hit too hard at this moment and results in timeouts.

Keep the faith, you will get it eventually! :wink: