11.0 -> 11.1 upgrade via zypper or similar

Hey everyone, I’ve been running OpenSUSE on my embedded (VIA C7) NAS for a while and it’s been rock solid.

I’m keen to upgrade to 11.1 but don’t normally have a monitor attached to my server.

Is it possible to use Zypper or similar to upgrade all the necessary packages to 11.1?


Yes, that’s exactly my question. Can I upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1 by using zypper? Or must I download, burn, and boot a CD?


It can be done but you need to add the 11.1 repos first. For the default ones it’s just a matter of editing the url and replacing 11.0 11.1.
However not tried it myself so i’m not sure how successful it will be
The command is zypper dup -l the -l is to automatically agree to any licenses


Yes, it can be done via zypper; the command is:

zypper dup <options>

dup is for “distribution upgrade”. Take a look at the manpage for details. This upgrade method can also be done in YaST Software Management; some feel that using the gui makes the task easier (but the process is essentially the same).

However, most here feel that the DVD is better and safer, as it has the installer shell which may detect, change configuration files, etc. that a straight package update might not. Personally, I have seen upgrades where that was the case, but at the same time, I’ve done many upgrades in-place with YaST and that has worked equally well. I don’t encourage doing in-place upgrade unless you are somewhat comfortable getting under-the-hood to fix something (usually in a configuration, or a compatibility problem).

If you have the option of simulating an upgrade (e.g., from a copy of your openSUSE on another partition), that can potentially save a lot of time and aggravation later.

Thanks, all, for the good advice. Based on what I read here, I opted to torrent the DVD and I am about to start the upgrade now.