100% compatible mobo,snd card,dsply card etc for opensuse12.2

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                                                                                                                                                              Hello! and hi! to all. I am a Linux newbie from Mumbai.India. I had  previously used Redhat7.1, SUSE professional 9.1,9.3,10.1,10.3 and 11.3  on a custom built old PC. That PC is Beyond repairs, so I am in the  process of getting a new custom built PC for past several months. I have  tried several sources including various sites on internet for getting a  compatible hardware for my opensuse11.3. But still I am not getting the  proper information. The HCL for open SUSE 11.3 is not useful at all,  because the components including motherboard,snd card,graphics card etc mentioned there are all outdated. I am therefore thinking to try open SUSE 12.2. Here  again I very much would like to get a retail boxed pack from Open SUSE,  but that seems to be impossible. Anyway my request to this forum members  to suggest me if possible the compatible components that would work 100  % out of the box for the 12.2 version. 
  1. Motherboard-Make and model no.
  2. Intel CPU
  3. Graphics card
  4. Sound Card
  5. ADSL external modem.
  6. Any other required things.
    I am looking out for a dual boot system with one Hard disk for windows ( possibly Win7) and another Hard disk for Linux i.e. open SUSE.,two DVD drives. Once I get this info, I will get in touch with PC vendors in Mumbai get the machine assembled. The PC will be used for converting music Cassettes to CD/DVDs, internet surfing,creating some personal documents,and viewing some photos. There will be no commercial use.
    Thanks and regards to all

Here is an INXI display of my main PC system. It shows all major componets I am using which is working just fine in openSUSE:


I have a bash script that can download, install and run inxi that produced the display of my system shown above. The script link is below.

H.I. Hardware Information - A Bash script to install and run inxi with default options!: https://forums.opensuse.org/blogs/jdmcdaniel3/h-i-hardware-information-bash-script-install-run-inxi-default-options-79/

Thank You,

When It comes to GNU/Linux compatibility, I noted in the past (and possibly still true today) that some motherboards will offer a ‘fast boot’ with a built in GNU/Linux operating operating system, limited GUI and hardcoded applications, with the OS/Apps in a mix between the BIOS and the harddrive. This is built right into the motherboard, and operates independant of any MS-Windows or GNU/Linux distribution that one installs later.

An example of this is Asus, who offer a package known as Express Gate with a number of their motherboards.

The ‘advantage’ of procurring a motherboard with such functionality, as IMHO it increases the probability that the motherboard will be compatible with GNU/Linux in many respects. Although having typed that , it is no guarantee that all motherboard aspects will be GNU/Linux compatible.

Typically I try to narrow my selection down to a few motherboards, and then do detailed/in-depth google searches on those few, trying to learn if they are GNU/Linux comaptible.

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Dear Sir, thank you very much. This is the first time I got a very detailed and useful information I was trying so hard. At present I am in USA wit my son. I will go back to India in July 2013. Then I will hand over information given by you to the PC vendors and get my machine assembled.
Thank you once again and with regards