10.3 Was Better, Even Without FreeTDS


The lack of support for some much desired software has left me a tad ‘breathless.’

For instance: FreeTDS and PHP5-mssql modules.

From what I can tell, this has been a desired feature for a long time.

Is it in 11.0? Is it worth updating? No and no.

Come on, Novell. I realize this is community based software, but if you have the time to modify Yast to be almost detrimental to my carpal tunnel, you can certainly devote some resources to making a package for FreeTDS and adding --with-mssql to the configuration for PHP5 during compile time.

This would save me (and I’m sure a lot of other folks) a lot of time compiling our own LAMPHP5 and risk having it conflict with the existing LAMPHP5 that doesn’t have these two VERY USEFUL, VERY DESIRED, capabilities that appear to be no-brainers to apply.

I just have one question: do your developers even LOOK at the desired feature list?

Why do you need MSSQL? If you do, run IIS + PHP + MSSQL - you’ve already paid for the server part anyway.

Yeah and I’m quite sure “it’s a huge task” - re-compiling PHP from SRPM takes a few minutes with the mssql parameter included. I’m sure that carpal tunnel just got a whole lot worse.

Plus this is a rant - To the Soap!

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That’s not the point.

The point is there are quite a few new things OpenSuSE can get and call it a new release without changing some of its fundamentals like YAST.

YAST, for all intents and purposes, was great in 10.3. At least IMHO.

I can barely work in the YAST of 11.0. It’s not only different, but insta-keys are non-existent during installation of software. That’s a big change and a big re-write.

Here’s how you can help. This list is displayed in order of how fast it will be brought to the developers’ attention:

  1. File a bug report. https://bugzilla.novell.com/
  2. Discuss this on the Project mailing list. Communicate/Mailinglists - openSUSE
  3. Discuss this on the #opensuse-project IRC channel. Communicate/IRC - openSUSE

Are we using the same openSUSE-11.0? I am using KDE-3.5.9.

The main difference that I really note about YaST in openSUSE-11.0 is it is faster. SIGNIFICANTLY faster than that in 10.3. IMHO YaST is better than ever. And IMHO in openSUSE-11.0 KDE-3.5.9 YaST is DEFINITELY superior to that in 10.3.

YaST in 11.0 also has SIGNIFICANTLY superior tablet support to that in 10.3.

You are complaining about features that many OpenSuse users won’t even realizing don’t come in the distro, and are easily compilable for any user that knows what they are doing.

Yet you slam them for working on YAST a tool that will be used by every single user that uses OpenSuse.

It is not like the have infinite time to work on the project and they should work on the most important stuff first, and maybe if a few people have some time to join and get something like what you want into the distro with the testing to make sure it all works safely it can be done in the future. But to rant like there is something wrong with 11.0 over those features seems silly in my opinion

For the number of tablets out there, nobody cares. There are lots of other improvements that could have/should have been made instead.

There will always be some “improvements” that can be made, it’s a never ending process. If you don’t like 11.0, go back to 10.3, it still has support. And after all, Linux is about choice, you are free to use, or not use, as the case may be, ANY distro. It’s always better to work with the developers and voice your concerns rather than just ranting about how “openSOOS 11.0 suXors” 'Nuff said.

sunscape wrote:
> oldcpu;1831431 Wrote:
>> YaST in 11.0 also has SIGNIFICANTLY superior tablet support to that in
>> 10.3.
> For the number of tablets out there, nobody cares. There are lots of
> other improvements that could have/should have been made instead.
Do you have some sort of number out there of openSUSE user with tablets
vs without?

A lot more people have tablets than you may think IMHO. In addition, there WERE many more updates done to YaST. Take a look at this page and do a search and examine the MANY hits you get on YaST.
Features 11.0 over 10.3 - openSUSE

It’s a shame that this thread has gotten off track and into bashing the hard work of YAST developers because someone wants a package that isn’t included by default…

I have not upgraded to OpenSUSE 11 yet, but I am disappointed to see that FreeTDS is not an included package, nor are the appropriate modules for PHP in the latest release of my favorite OS.

As someone mentioned before, there is always an option to run IIS + PHP + MSSQL ‘since the server is already paid for,’ – but this doesn’t work for a couple of reasons. The first being that I don’t want to run a dedicated webserver on our MSSQL box. In the Microsoft world there are very many virtues found in keeping those software stacks on different servers. Secondly, I don’t want to deal with Microsoft’s limitations when it comes to running IIS, Apache or PHP on their OS. I just don’t want it!

Most importantly to me is that this is really about the choice that open source can offer. We have a plethora of reasons to run PHP and Apache on Linux, while only relying on Microsoft for the database piece - and we have good reason for that too. We also love SUSE, I’m currently planning our next webserver stack around this great software. Unfortunately, even the newest versions of SUSE (both Open and Novell Enterprise) don’t meet our requirements for MSSQL connectivity.

I am in the dark as to why FreeTDS is not included as a package. What is the reasoning behind leaving MSSQL support out of SUSE? Maybe there is no reason at all, but to me I have always felt a bit snubbed by our hard working package maintainers when I cannot plug OpenSUSE into a commercial database out of the box. Perhaps there is little demand for using free software with commercial databases, I don’t know. I do know it feels like I’m being discouraged from using my database of choice every time I go looking for that package in YaST.

For now the plan is to continue using the SUSE OS, but building the web stack from source. This takes more effort on my part and involves having to trade off the ability of using package management just so we can connect to our database of choice.

If including MSSQL (FreeTDS) support is a sole matter of needing someone to step up to the plate to do the dirty work themselves, then here I am. I’ve never contributed help to a project like this before and could use some help getting started. I’m going to start with the IRC channel and go from there, but I appreciate anyone that can fill me in on any previous decisions the OpenSUSE team has made concerning FreeTDS support. Thanks in advance.

Index of /repositories/home:/mge1512:/database/openSUSE_11.0

Contains FreeTDS.

As for the php5-mssql, if you guys can’t put effort to do something as insignificant as zypper si/rpmbuild I’ll just /facepalm.