10.3 Suddenly Doesn't Start Normally

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me too…

see caveat: http://tinyurl.com/6aagco
DenverD (Linux Counter 282315) via NNTP, Thunderbird, KDE
3.5.7, SUSE Linux 10.3, #1 SMP i686 athlon

laughing Oh I just can’t help it. Very humorous. Very humorous. What can I say? I found a Linux routine that worked for me and I stuck with it so intently it never needed any deviation. Except for one thing. If you ever need to know how to get the Tex Murphy interactive movie adventure game series from the 90’s running under DOSBox for Linux, drop me a line. I managed to figure that out at least. still laughing

> still laughing

laugh all you wish…you are far too advanced for me to render any
worthwhile aid…

see caveat: http://tinyurl.com/6aagco
DenverD (Linux Counter 282315) via NNTP, Thunderbird, KDE
3.5.7, SUSE Linux 10.3, #1 SMP i686 athlon

The diety-**** thing is doing it again. That does it, I’m upgrading to 11, maybe that will work.

Unlikely updating will help IMHO. What is more likely is you are unintentionally doing something to cause this, and what is more likely to help is if you can put the ‘cause and effect’ together to figure out what you are doing that is bringing this about. IMHO you will replicate the same problem in 11.0.

I swear i am not doing anything that I haven’t done hundreds of times before in my regular use. I change no YAST settings, rarely go into Konsole for anything and I haven’t been downloading anything out of the ordinary, either. What about updating, could it be I’m not updating enough?

IMHO more likely you are updating too much.

What method do you use to shutdown?

  • pull the plug? :frowning:
  • hit the power switch ? :frowning:
  • press <CTRL><ALT><BACKSPACE> ? :frowning:
  • use the nominal power off icon in lower right corner (or in menu). :slight_smile:

Hopefully the later.

Presumably you are operating nominally with your firewall up, and port#22 access via ssh is closed.

It’s a good thing I know you’re helpful, knowledgeable and nice from coming across your posts when looking for solutions to other problems I’ve had previously or I’d find that shutdown question highly insulting. Yes, I use the power down icon. And as a matter of fact the only time recently where I’ve updated much of anything was after this happened the first time and the red update triangle appeared in the taskbar. And no, I was not logged in as root I was logged in as trilaan2. Just in case you wanted to ask.

My firewall is up and according to the ssh-config file, the port is 22. Now what thoughts do you have?

It was not intended to be insulting. With my having been trying very hard to support one or more openSUSE forums (for the past 3 years), you would be surprised how many users have admitted they routinely do every item I mentioned above - AND they see nothing wrong in doing it. They think Linux should be robust enough to survive it. :rolleyes:

You ask other thoughts?

Well, I am a strong believer in CAUSE and EFFECT. What repositories do you have setup? Just OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman? or others ? (such as factory or KDE:backport ? ).

Is there an “unusual” application you run all the time, that upon reflection, was the app you were last running, before the shut down when the start problem started occurring?

Is port 22 (ssh) open in your firewall? If so, have you disabled ssh root access? Have you ensured your user name / password is difficult to guess?

The only repositories I have accessed currently is Main and NVidia, actually. I don’t recall running anything unusual just before it happened the first time and I definitely didn’t run anything unusual before this time.

If you think there is a possibility of an rpm install breaking your setup (and you did not say that, I am just offering this as a possibility to investigate) then you could type:
**rpm -qa --last > my-installed-rpms.txt
**and open the file “my-installed-rpms.txt” to see if there were any installations around that time that could have caused this hiccup.

But if this is repeatable, there is likely cause and effect, and your best bet is to determine what you were doing just before this happened. Because something must have caused it, and often the last thing that one was doing is part of the cause (possibly a trigger for some bug).