10.3, Soundblaster AWE32, ISA Card + ALSA

I have an ISA based AWE32 soundblaster card.

During installation, everything went fine and the card tests out great.

After reboot, nothing is working.

I check and see that there is no IRQ reserved nor any IO Ports. No error messages in boot.msg either.

I have done all the isapnp stuff.

After reboot, I can manually start it up using the /etc/init.d/alsasound script and all is well.

Investigating the alsasound script I discover that at the “start” function, if $RUNLEVEL=“N” (This is the boot time route for startup) there is a dependency for the directory /proc/asound to be present.

If it isn’t, the “start_all” function is not called and the script silently exits.

After boot, $RUNLEVEL != “N” so the else path is taken which simply “start_all” and gets things going again.

Strikes me this is a buggy alsasound script and I tried to report it as such but could find no way to do so.

I changed my script removing any test of $RUNLEVEL since if /proc/asound is there “start_rest” is what you want, otherwise “start_all”.

Anyhow, if anyone out there is struggling with ISA sound cards and sees similar symptoms, you might want to check this out.

I don’t know why the problem doesn’t show up for PCI cards though, maybe some guru out there?

Did you look at your dmesg to see if something else (such as graphic driver load or ndis wrapper wireless load) was interfering with the load of alsa during the PC’s initial boot?

No, at least I couldn’t see anything untoward going on.

I put “echo” traces in the script and followed the outputs which lead me to where the test was being done.