10.3 Repository access issues

Before anyone asks why I don’t go to 11.1, because of hardware, I’m stuck with going no higher than 10.3. The PC’s I’m, running 10.3 on are Dell Optiplex GX150’s and it seems the internal video card no longer works under 11.1 with KDE. The drivers used for the video are NON-OSS drivers and with openSUSE dropping support on anything that uses NON-OSS software, I have to stick with 10.3

With a working system, I can go in and change the repositories, however, when you upgrade or are installing from CD, you’re stuck using the default openSUSE’s repositories. I’ve yet to find a way of changing them to one of the mirror sites. Ideally, the site mirror1.kernel.org/opensuse is what I’d select since it’s a rock solid repository to use on an established 10.3 system. Systems I currently have that use 10.3 have been using the mirror1.kernel.org site with no issues, just the openSUSE site blows.

I’d just like to know if there’s a way of forcing a change within the initial install screens of the openSUSE CD. If there’s a way, please let me know.


go to:
get it
on the left scroll down to:
package repositories
it’s all there for versions 10.3, 11.0, and 11.1

I can browse the web in the middle of installing opensuse on a system that currrently has no running operating system on it? Interesting… please explain how this is done.

Better yet, go back and re-read my initial post. I’ve stated that when inistalling from a CD, you have only the default download.opensuse.org.distribution/10.x repository that is hardcoded in the installation app.

Only after you have opensuse up and running can you go into yast and change that to a mirrored site. Untill then, you’re stuck having to use download.opensuse.org/distribution/10.x as the location to get all the files.

Of course this is with either the net install or the CD iso images and not with the DVD. With the DVD you can at least bypass downloading anything from the net until the system is up and running, then you can change to a mirror site and run your updates.

This problem with 10.x seems to only have happened since opensuse.org pushed 11.x as the latest and greatest. Before then, I never experienced downloading issues from the repository for any of the 10.x distributions.

i just wanted to point out to you where you can find the repositories … i thought you knew how to install them via yast … it is true, 10.3 does not give you the community repositories option, so you have got to add them manually:
open up yast → software → repositories
click ‘add’
choose ‘http’ or ‘ftp’ from the list depending what the repository uses
type in the server (usually the string til the .org /-.com; without the http:// [yast adds that automatically]) and then the
directory on the server (the rest of the string)
example for the vlc repository would look like this:
you’ve got to do this for every directory you want to use …

at the grub screen (booting off the cd)
press f4
select http (or) ftp
enter the address of the server
then the directory on the server
press enter and procede to install

If the cards are unsupported by any drivers, they should be installable using VESA modes.

Machines I’ve used Live CD’s on, have worked with VESA, despite a no proprietary driver policy eg) Fedora, and OS 11.1.

Browsing the web during install is simple with Live CD, though that’s not the best way to install openSUSE as it is less flexible than Net CD or full DVD install.