[10.3] Gnome menu system area disappeared

The system area of my Gnome menu, which until recently showed entries
to start YaST, log off, or shut down, among others, is suddenly
completely empty. Only the title “System” remains. Below it, a blank
area extends to the next title “Status”, below which the usual “Hard
Disk” and “Network” entries still appear. Needless to say, this is a
bit inconvenient.

The one thing I did before that happened is installing openSUSE 11.1
in a new partition, mounting the existing /home partition into it,
and logging in to my regular user account to see whether it worked.
After rebooting back to the previous openSUSE 10.3 installation
and logging in to the same account again, the system menu content
was gone. So I imagine the 11.1 Gnome has modified something in my
profile in a way the 10.3 Gnome doesn’t like.

Any idea for a quick, makeshift fix? I’ll switch over to 11.1 as soon
as I find the time to complete the installation, but until then I’ll
still have to get some work done using the 10.3 one.