10.2 delay in printing?

Hi, I have a HP 840c Deskjet installed, it is only used for Black ink . Sometimes it prints straight away, other times it sits for upto two minutes before printing. Any thoughts?

I’m no expert, but here’s what I would do:

Turn off & unplug the printer.
Go into Yast > Hardware > Printer & remove/delete the driver > save out of that

Now you should be starting with a clean machine.
plug in the printer; turn it on

openSUSE should find it
if not go into Yast & set it up it should be detected
down on the right is a tab click on it and “test”.

Now if none of that works, try:
“hp-setup” in a terminal.

Good luck.

Better yet, go to: Download and Install and something for your printer like HPLIP Installation - Installer for mine.

You may want to go to the “Home” page and start from the beginning.

I was having trouble with my all-in-one PSC, the scanner part.
I removed the hplip drivers in Yast and followed that guide.
Part of that routine was downloading dependencies & I noticed that it obtained 3 or 4 rpms that I didn’t have installed.

After I did that all the way through, I was able to then configure the scanner.
(BTW that routine will print out a test page.)

That should work for you:)

Ok. Many thanks guys.