10.1 Driver for LSI RAID on Intel S3000AH

Short story: Can anyone please point me to the correct driver for 10.1 for the raid on the Intel S3000AH board?

Long story: This system crashed due (I think) to a bad memory module, had been running fine for 2 years, had been an upgrade from Suse9. The hardware is fixed but I get “GRUB” repeating on the screen when booting and that is all. I can’t seem to find opensuse drivers for 10.1 (that is what I believe is on the system, I believe the data is still intact and don’t want to compromise it if possible) It will not load the 10.1 drivers from the intel site, presumably (?) because they are for SLES, not opensuse. I can boot from a 9.3 CD with the drivers from the intel site, and can see the original partitions. Any help appreciated!!

Update: Intel says their latest drivers are for kernel 2.4 (?!) and don’t work on 2.6- I know I was running SuSE 10.1, believe it was an in-place upgrade from 9.x, uncertain how I got it working 2 years ago. Client can’t find the media I left with them. Since then I have been able to mount the volumes using an 11.x eval dvd (saw the raid array without any assistance- thank you to whoever did that) and copy the entire original system so some of the heat is off. Now I could use some advice as to how to “fix” it. If I just try to boot as is, I get GRUB repeatedly on the screen, nothing more. I plan to burn an 11.x install DVD and try to “repair” or “upgrade” if such options exist. I am (was) running a unix business app, samba file shares and an apache server linked to the business app via php, so I really don’t want to have to recreate it. Any sage advice welcome. TIA.