1 of Serires Problems Before The System Can Work Normally

Mainboard: ECS H87H3-TI
CPU: DualCore Intel Pentium G3220, 3000 MHz (30 x 100)
GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics
RAM: 16G
MONITOR: Asus MX239 (HDMI 1920*1080)

Could not install the Tumbleweed until “nomodeset” was used in the grub.

When boot into the newly installed system, the monitor (HDMI 19201080) was set to 1366768, no options in Dispaly to change the settings.
Then I found “nomodeset” in the grub. I removed it and boot again, from the font size, it seems to be correct for 1920*1080. But the desktop couldn’t show up, only a mouse cursor on the bare screen.

Logged as root in tty,

XXX:/etc/X11 # ls
Xmodmap Xmodmap.remote Xresources xdm xim xim.d xinit xorg.conf.d xorg.conf.install
XXX:/etc/X11 # xrandr -q
Can't open display

If boot with “nomodeset”, the login interface will show up as 1366*768. But can only log as root. Other users that I created which can log in tty do not able to log here. This is the 2 of Serires Problems Before The System Can Work Normally. Maybe it related to the this one?

Thanks for any advices.

What is your Tumbleweed install source?
Have you downloaded and installed latest? In TW, you can run either of the following, they both update the system the same way

zypper up
zypper dup

I can’t remember the last time Intel HD Graphics had reported significant issues with latest and current kernels. If your original install source is old, that might be the problem which would be fixed after installation by updating your system.


Thank you. It’s 20160304. The latest one in the day I installed it.