1 Month plus with oS

So I broke into Linux with Linux Mint, used it for a couple of years, moved up to Linux Mint Debian for a couple more. I caught a post in the Mint forums that mentioned openSUSE, so I headed over and took a look. Installed 12.3 on a separate partition with a separate home and have been very happy with it. Linux Mint was pretty much and improved Ubuntu, Linux Mint Debian was fast, but had breakages on the updates, but it is a developers OS so I got what I asked for. I also tried a few other distros. Now it is nice to have a rock solid oS with easy updating and I like the fact that I can downgrade a package that will not properly work. I am so happy with oS that I installed it in my wife’s PC as well, it will be that much easier to maintain and not have to deal with incompatible upgrades.

Very happy with my choice, and I plan to support the openSUSE project.

Thanks for the ultimate Linux oS!

You reminded me of one of the main reasons I’m using this distro: package management with stability, easy maintenance, and reliable (mostly) upgrades. That means we can concentrate on the real issues, if and when they arise through configuration difficulty or buggy code.

I also like the fact that I can change desktops without changing ‘distro’; I had a spell using razor-qt and I’m now trying out enlightenment - but I’m not tied to either. I can go back to KDE whenever I have the urge - having several desktops available also gives me a choice of apps, some of which I would never have discovered had I not left KDE-land.

glad to here people are trying out enlightenment.

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