1 Click Multimedia install,etc not the greatest?

Here’s a problem,I wonder if anybody else has had:

In the past(Opensuse 10.x),after doing the “1 Click Multimedia Install” I’ve had this problem.

When I go to Nasa’s website and try to watch TV using Real Player(the plugin,or the program),it would run for awhile,then lose the sound -til I restarted the stream…

Previously,doing a reinstall solved the problem(and going w/o multimedia)…and it would run for hours no cut out.

(Are libraries chnanged when these “multimedia” goodies are installed -that affects Real Player?)

This time,I followed a forum tutorial a few days ago and installed the multimedia extras a few days ago and the same thing is happening…plus:

Connection to server could not be established. You may be experiencing network problems. (rtsp://a1747.l1856745839.c18567.g.lr.akamaistream.net/live/D/1747/18567/v0001/reflector:45839)

Yeah,I know it looks like network congestion,but I also saw a buffer overun error message,I think too.

Anybody had this problem?

*I’m reinstalling this time,as some guys in the networking forum took a few days to get my Samba -windows to linux up(finally,it works!)…!

Yeh I sort of have the same reaction to it, I mean it covers most of the bases but not as much as one might need.
But realplayer in OpenSuse seems to be utter trash, OpenSuse dropped support for realplayer officially after realplayer 11 came out.
And when you do finally install realplayer it seems to have some underlaying issues with Opensuse.
I know there was reasoning behind the drop for realplayer support but it still does not justify the difficulty involved because of it.
Though Opensuse is not the worst when concerning Realplayer, Mandrvia is far worse…

Here’s another error:

General error: HXR_BUFFERING (0x00040040) (rtsp://a1747.l1856745839.c18567.g.lr.akamaistream.net/live/D/1747/18567/v0001/reflector:45839)

Well,it’s too bad,because maybe I didn’t configure things right,but for me as soonas I did the “multimedia” tutorial and added in the extras,for one thing(well that was because I installed Gnome,I guess),Totem took over and the win codecs didn’t work,so I had disable the totem plugin in Firefox to force Real Player to pick up the Nasa stream.

Like I said in my other post,it’s too bad we can’t do like in Windows and have a real player(or some other Media Player) that can do all media formats

Actually both Totem and Mplayer seem to handle a good percent of the formats out there on the web.
But VLC beats the tar out of both of them, if you want a true all in one player for linux VLC is pretty much it.
Mplayer comes in at a decent second

Let me explain what RealPlayer is.
In Windows there is Video for Windows (older), DirectShow (XP) and Media Foundation (Vista).
In Linux there is VideoLAN, MPlayer, Xine and GStreamer.

Yes, the fact that in Linux there are four frameworks instead of just one is a problem. But then Real comes and releases yet another framework: Helix. RealPlayer is HelixPlayer plus binary only codecs.

Well, what offers Helix that doesn’t offers any of the others? NOTHING!!! Helix doesn’t even runs on 64 bits!!
Helix, even if it’s open source, has an old package in Debian, was dropped from Fedora and no single user in the Build Service wasted his time in packaging it.

Then we have the binary only codecs from RealPlayer? What they offer? NOTHING!!! All these Real formats have a free decoder!!
Totem (GStreamer), Kaffeine (Xine), MPlayer and VLC… ALL of them are able to play rtsp://a1747.l1856745839.c18567.g.lr.akamaistream.net/live/D/1747/18567/v0001/reflector:45839
…and not just on x86 (32 bits).

So, the lack of RealPlayer is a no problem.
We have a lot of players that ‘can do all media formats’. Basically because all of them use the same base code: FFmpeg
To be more specific, these are all the supported formats: Codec Status Table - MPlayer - The Movie Player

Thankyou for your reply and as I said elsewhere,now I installed ffmpeg(from packman) and some Gstreamer codecs I was missing and re-enabled the totem firefox plugins,I can just use Totem on Nasa’s site -and elsewhere also!


Totem seems to do a nice job indeed, at least here on OpenSuse.