1-Click Install Problem (or bug?)

Here’s my problem: The two times I’ve used 1-Click (for screenlets and gnomenu) the software hasn’t shown up in my Gnome Menu system?

In the case of screenlets, I booted it from the command line, but I don’t know the command line operand for Gnomenu.

Question: Why?

Question2: How do you get these programs to show up in the menus?

Using OpenSuse 11.2/Gnome - Not KDE

Not every package shows up in the menu. Depends on how it was packaged.

From Yast software manager (or zypper in the command line) you can see which package files were installed where. In Yast the executables will be listed in bold (and usually will be in /usr/bin, /usr/share/bin, /usr/local/bin or such).

Knowing the executable path/name, just create a desktop icon or a menu link to it.