1. Add id to menuenty in grub.cfg. 2. zypper dup in isolated rescue target

Hi everyone,

I use Tumbleweed. I have a couple of questions involving systems management. Firstly, trying to make zypper dup -D, then changing to a non graphical display, and then isolating the rescue target, still zypper seems to be trying to download the stuff, but it cannot, as expected. So, I don’t know if I’m getting confused about the right order or about where to apply the commands, or which is the reason of this behavior.

And, secondly, how could I add an id to the menyentry of an item in grub.cfg? Could I do it in then grub terminal at boot? Would it be permanent?

Thanks for your attention, and for any help you could offer me in this matters.

@Silancu You don’t need to be in rescue mode? The -D option is for a dry-run, I think you meant to use -d for download-only?

So, something like, 1. zypper -vvv dup -d and wait to complete, 2. press ctrl+alt+Fn where n is 1 or maybe 2 depending on desktop environment, 3. Login as root user and run systemctl isolate multi-user.target to shutdown the desktop environment, 4. Run zypper -vvv dup then, 5. zypper ps -s to determine status and 6. Either systemctl reboot if required, or systemctl isolate graphical.target to return to you desktop.

For grub there is /etc/grub.d/40_custom to add menu items…

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That will add the custom stanza(s) to the end of the Grub menu. If you’d like it/them at the top, copy 40_custom to 06_custom and put yours there instead.

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Great! Thanks a lot to you both, @malcolmlewis and @mrmazda. Now this is much clearer to me. Bests!