0ad no sound after Alsa libasound2 update.

Hello how are you
After updating the file: Alsa libasound2
I have no sound under 0ad.
If I run the program with the console, here are the error messages:

Cache: 400 (total: 15985) MiB
TIMER| InitVfs: 829.431 us
TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 939.79 us
AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackAlsa_reset: snd_pcm_hw_params_set_buffer_time_near failed: Invalid argument
AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackAlsa_reset: snd_pcm_hw_params(self->pcmHandle, hp) failed: Invalid argument
ERROR: Sound: AlcInit failed, m_Device=0x1963030 m_Context=0x0 dev_name=OpenAL Soft err=a001

TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 0.208 us
ERROR: OpenAL error: (null); called from ~CSoundManager (line 277)

TIMER| resource modules: 168.955 us
TIMER TOTALS (9 clients)
  tc_pool_alloc: 64.164 kc (2x)
  tc_png_decode: 0 c (0x)
  tc_dds_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_plain_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderValidation: 0 c (0x)
  xml_validation: 0 c (0x)
TIMER| shutdown misc: 99.634 us
Cache: 400 (total: 15985) MiB
TIMER| InitVfs: 51.294 ms
TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 865.965 us
AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackAlsa_reset: snd_pcm_hw_params_set_buffer_time_near failed: Invalid argument
AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackAlsa_reset: snd_pcm_hw_params(self->pcmHandle, hp) failed: Invalid argument
ERROR: Sound: AlcInit failed, m_Device=0x20c15e0 m_Context=0x0 dev_name=OpenAL Soft err=a001

TIMER| RunHardwareDetection: 26.2852 ms
TIMER| write_sys_info: 16.3169 ms
TIMER| InitRenderer: 2.27092 ms
TIMER| ps_console: 1.89144 ms
TIMER| ps_lang_hotkeys: 795.347 us
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 115.305 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 120.903 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.2566 ms
TIMER| common/setup.xml: 243.068 us
TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 431.59 us
TIMER| common/styles.xml: 133.304 us
TIMER| common/init.xml: 656.101 us
TIMER| pregame/backgrounds/: 87.882 us
TIMER| pregame/sprites.xml: 157.38 us
TIMER| pregame/styles.xml: 60.86 us
TIMER| pregame/mainmenu.xml: 3.99133 ms
TIMER| common/global.xml: 450.944 us
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 84.51 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 126.513 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.26936 ms
TIMER| splashscreen/styles.xml: 61.441 us
TIMER| splashscreen/setup.xml: 58.943 us
TIMER| splashscreen/splashscreen.xml: 897.919 us
TIMER| common/global.xml: 353.87 us
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 82.974 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 105.474 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.21441 ms
TIMER| msgbox/msgbox.xml: 658.959 us
TIMER| common/global.xml: 321.981 us
TIMER| shutdown TexMan: 0.982 us
TIMER| shutdown Renderer: 877.239 us
TIMER| shutdown SDL: 7.53651 ms
TIMER| shutdown UserReporter: 242.655 us
TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 0.436 us
ERROR: OpenAL error: (null); called from ~CSoundManager (line 277)

TIMER| resource modules: 7.03673 ms
TIMER TOTALS (0 clients)
TIMER| shutdown misc: 118.704 us

I use the XFCE environment. Under openSUSE Leap 42.2 up to date.

I am a taker if you have a solution.

Thank you in advance.


Where did you obtain this libasound2 version from ?

I do not know what “0ad” means.

Further, when you say ‘if you run the program’, what program are you talking about?

I am a KDE user and I never use XFCE. Still I will try and help if you can run a diagnostic script and point to where the script output is located.

Please in an xterm as a regular user, with PC connected to the internet, send the command:


and select the SHARE/UPLOAD when the script runs. Let the script run to completion. After it completes, in the xterm will be a web-address/URL you are recommended to share with those helping you. Please post that web address here.

With that information we may have some hints as to what is wrong.

Hello oldcpu.

Thank for your interest…

libasound2 is obtained from the leap update depot. It does not come from a third party.

0ad is a game:


Result of alsa-info.sh :


Many thanks,


I note two sound devices on your Asus, one apears to be motherboard sound device (Intel based) which is analog PCH (ALC-887-VD) and it is sound card-0. The other is a Nvidia HDMI (GPU 51 HDMI/DP), possibly associated with your graphic card and it is sound-card-1. Both use their own separate instance of the snd_hda_intel sound module. By default sound will be routed by applications to sound-card-0 which I assume is what you want.

I looked at the mixer settings and they appear to be fine for audio out. Line out is muted but I believe that is not relevant. Digital audio (IEC958) is muted but I assume that also not relevant (?) . Automute is enabled and its possibly not necessary to mute that, but I don’t think it should make any difference.

The nVidia HDMI is muted, but I assume you are using the analog PCH audio and not HDMI so that likely also is not relevant.

The ESound Daemon (sound server) is installed and not running - and I do not know XFCE well enough to know if it should be running. As near as I can determine pulse audio is not installed in your XFCE.

I can’t see any obvious reason as to why audio is not working for your O.A.D. app.

Do you have sound functioning in any other app currently ?


Yes, i think the sound server part is configured correctly. Indeed, the HDMI part depends on my graphics card, and I do not wish to use it.

Yes, other software, type, media player works properly without errors. The sound is played back correctly.

I allow myself to join you two, screenshots.
Error messages appear.





If you think this may be the cause/effect, did you try rolling back to the earlier libasound2 version ? (then reboot and test) ?

Yes, im sure !! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am pretty new under opensuse, and I do not know how to do with Zypper.




I followed your advice.
Thanks to Yast, I was able to install the previous version of libasound2, and everything works perfectly again.

Thank you for your help.

In your opinion, do I have to post a bug report?

If you have new advice I am taker :slight_smile:



Sounds like a bug to me

Pun intended >:)

I have a Leap Clonezilla image in its Gnome flavor. The problem with sound and updating libasound2 only appears under my XFCE environment.



Good news !!

It would be useful. I think you can find some limited guidance here for raising bug reports on openSUSE:


Many thanks for your help.




Wow ! And you obtained feedback right away with a request that you help them test a fix !! Please check the bug report !