0a.d- data on Leap 42.3, what is the problem?


I am a player of the game 0ad, I often play this game with my son.

Unfortunately, a compilation error makes it impossible to pass the 0ad-data package to version 0.22.
What is strange is that the SLE version compiles perfectly.

Is a .rpm specialist, may have the kindness to take a closer look at the problem ? :slight_smile:

This game is really very popular, and I think it is an asset to be on the latest version, especially that it brings a lot of change.

Thanks !!! :slight_smile:


I am afraid that when you do not provide any technical information (preferable copied/pasted from a terminal window between CODE tags here) about what you do and get, nobody will be able to give any advice.

IMHO what you post is just a version of the infamous “it does not work”. :frowning:

I compiled it for you in my home repo (in my signature - for 42.3 only since you explicitly stated that was the version you were having issues with)

The 0ad-data 0.22 from games: repo should work with this one (it’s 600MB so I didn’t want to include it in my own repo for no reason)

Ooh !! Im sorry I had completely forgotten to put the link. excuse me !!


The .spec file :




Hello, and thank you for the package !! :slight_smile:

However, the 0ad-data package is problematic… Is not a 0.22 version, but an 0.21.



I built the data too for you in my repo now - please test.

Many thanks for your work Miuku :good:

When i merged your .spec and the games.repo .spec, the release line is the only change?

(Sorry for my bad English)


There are no changes, merely a recompilation of the 0.22 binary.

You should be able to install the 0ad and 0ad-data from my repo - note that I may not be updating it (it’s a one off fix for you :slight_smile: ) and once they fix the games: one, you should use that.

So in essence, to install the game and data from my repo:

sudo zypper ar -f http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/Miuku/openSUSE_Leap_42.3/home:Miuku.repo
sudo zypper in --from home_Miuku 0ad 0ad-data

If it wants to change vendor, please do and it’ll install the 0.22 version from my home repo.

Ok, many thanks !!! :slight_smile:

Its resolved for me !!