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Thread: No Internet on my Laptop

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    Default No Internet on my Laptop

    I'm using wicked on Tumbleweed under VMware and I've suddenly lost my internet connection for ens33.
    sudo systemctl status wicked.service shows lo up and ens33 setup-in-progress.
    I've tried sudo systemctl restart wicked.service but to no avail.
    My Windows host machine has internet and I'm using a bridged connection on VMWare.

    ip addr shows an ipv6 address for ens33, but to ipv4 address.

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    Default Re: No Internet on my Laptop - correction

    ip addr shows an ipv6 connection for ens33, but no ipv4 connection.

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    Default Re: No Internet on my Laptop

    Hard to tell when we're not over your shoulder to check details for ourselves. Speculating here....are you sure that you're bridged to the appropriate host NIC interface?

    Just in case some comments here are of value to you...

    How to guide...
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